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 Post subject: SWTOR: Eternity Vault Boss Strategy 8-man Normal and Hard
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:38 pm 
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Annihilation Droid XRR-3
Boss 1
HP: 982,170 (8-man normal), (8-man hard)
Enrage: 6 min. 30 seconds

Shockwave – 2 second cast, 30 second occurrence rate, stuns anybody within 10 meters

Overwhelming Swipe – occurs after a Shockwave, knocks players standing in front of the boss

Lock On – instant cast, 15 second occurrence rate, targets random raid member to place a red circle on that player and after 5 seconds will do AoE damage to anyone in 5 meters

Missile Salvo – 20 second channel, occurs in phases at x, continuously fires rockets dealing heavy damage to the raid

Bombard – instant cast, occurs after 50% health, targets random raid member and places a red circle after 1 second will deal in that area

Off-tank DoT – placed on the second hishgest on agro dealing 3-3.5k a tick (hard mode)

Recommended Group Make-up:
1 Tank, 5 DPS, 2 Healers

Trash - To have this boss activate, you must take down the turrets first. Focus on one side then move to the other side. Adds will occasionally appear, either wait for the MT to pick-up the adds and AoE them down, or have a peudo-tank (dps in some tank gear with their defense buff on) to help pick-up the adds. Melee dps can focus on the adds and the power shields at the base of the turrets, while the range dps focus on taking down the turrets.

The boss - After the turrets are down the boss will appear and will remain stationary in its current position throughout the fight. The tank positions the boss such that it is facing away from the raid and the melee dps position themselves behind the boss and spread out. When a red circle appears on a player, move away from them as eventually they eventually explode causing AoE damage to anyone nearby. When you see the boss beginning to crouch, the missile salvo ability will start channeling, at which point the raid is to line of sight the boss around one of the pillars, preferably at a designated pillar for AoE heals. The tank can remain at the boss using mitigation abilities as necessary. After 50% drop in boss health, it will announce “Targets, Analyzed, Engaging Storm Protocal” and starts the Bombard ability. If you see a red circle under your feet, move. Towards the end of the fight 8% boss health, the missile salvo ability will continued to be cast and will not stop until the boss is defeated. Burn through this phase, using perhaps an Imperial Agent’s Ballistic Shield or group up for AoE heals.

The hard mode encounter uses the same strategy as the normal mode, only the boss has slightly more health.

Boss 2
HP: 1,020,436 (8-man normal), 1,264,833 (8-man hard)
Enrage: 6 min. 30 seconds (normal), 6 min (hard)

Recommended group make-up:
1 Tank, 2 Healers, 6 DPS

Leap – jumps then deals AoE damage to anyone in melee range

Frenzy – continuous jump dealing AoE damage to anyone in melee range

Pulverizing Slam – high damaging attack to the MT

Rending Swipe – high damaging cleave to anyone in front of Gharj

Smashing Leap – jumps and covers the platform he is currently on with lava

During the start have the MT position the boss facing away from the raid. The range should not be in melee range of the boss as he will occasionally leap, doing splash damage to anyone in melee range. When the boss goes into Frenzy Mode, for a while he will jump up and down causing damage to anyone in melee range. At this point, all melee should run out until he is no longer in frenzy mode. After 45 second to 1 min the boss will perform Smashing Leap and cover the current platform with lava. While your current platform is shaking, a rock path and a new platform will appear. Have the raid move to the next platform. It is recommended to have the raid position themselves on the far side of the platform entrance allowing the tank to follow behind the group and stand at the entrance to the new platform.

Phase 2 begins when the bosses' health is at 50% at which point Gharj will summon 5-6 dog adds. Use AoE to clear the adds. However, most of the time you will find the adds will appear after a Smashing Leap covering the platform you are on with lava. In this case, prioritize your raid's movement to the new platform allowing the slower moving dogs to follow, then lay down AoE while on the new platform. In the encounter, Gharj has the ability to knock the raid into lava. Move out of the lava as quickly as you can and back onto the platform.

In hard modes, it is recommended by some, to have two tanks for the encounter. One on the boss, the other for the dog adds; however, the dog adds seemingly do not do any more damage or have significantly higher health than the normal mode. Therefore, we recommend having one tank and using the same strategy as in the normal mode.

Ancient Pylons
Boss 3
HP: (8-man normal), (8-man hard)

It turns the pylons or else it gets the hose again.

Strategy: The ancient pylons is a puzzle boss where the raid will split into to two teams with one tank and one healer for each team. One heads to the North Pylon the other South and completes the puzzle on each side. The objective is to match the center tile with the two tiles on either side of the pylon. In order to do so there are two consoles, the left turns the center tile left and the right console turns the center tile right.

Once a console is first activated an event starts that consists of waves of progressively harder adds. Initially the adds are normal mobs or one elite; however, the longer it takes to complete one tier of the pylon puzzle the harder and more numerous will the waves of adds become. As each portion of the puzzle is completed, the block will light up and the event restarts eventually stopping the cycle once the final, top tier is solved. As a side note, the normal mobs can put up a reflect shield, reflecting damage back to the attacker.

For hard modes the puzzle must be completed by each side at the exact same time, that is the fourth stage must be solved at the exact same time or you risk locking out the pylon puzzle. In addition, the player turning the wheel can no longer click the consoles for 30 seconds (a rotating box appears over the character's head). Thus a rotation is needed for two players to take their turn at the wheel. It is recommended to have two dps take turns rotating the wheel.

The pylons are randomly generated and the order and number of times to turn which console can be determined before starting the fight by using the following rotation scheme:

Turning the tiles to the right caused the center tile to rotate as follows:
Blue, Green, Red, Purple, White, Yellow

Turning the tiles to the left caused the center tile to rotate as follows:
Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Green, Blue

ie. The pylon set-up is white, red, white. To click the consoles the least amount of time to achieve the solution (white, white, white), look up white in the two rotations above and reading left to right, determine which rotation will produce the shortest number of clicks to get to red. So in our example, clicking the left console twice will cause the center tile to from white to red in the least amount of clicks.

The following chart created by Zambulance displays the shortest combination of turns in an easy to read format. Simple locate the color of the center icon from the left column and read across the rows to find the color of the side icons.

EV_Pylon_Puzzle_Chart.jpg [ 40.73 KiB | Viewed 6724 times ]

Vault of the Infernal Council
Boss 4
HP: (8-man normal), (8-man hard)
Enrage: 2 min.


In this encounter each raid member is required to solo 1 of 8 elites. These elites are separated into the trinity of Mauraders for the DPS, Assassins for the Healers, and Juggernauts for the tank raid members. Nobody in the encounter is to help you with your mob, including healing or placing dots on your target. Helping other members with their mob will force the group to reset the fight. So no Hots healers, even before the fight. Kill your mob and wait for the others to finish theirs within 2 mins and the loot is yours.

Update: If a person is struggling with their mob, you can either hit their mob once or heal the player once. BUT ONLY ONCE since a one min. debuff will be applied to your character disallowing you from helping again. So make the one hit or heal count.

The Infernal One
Boss 5
HP: (8-man normal), (8-man hard)


At the start of the fight the boss will have an immunity shield that will remain until his dialog is complete. Wait for the shield to drop before starting dps, but during this time tanks and snipers can stack their armor penetration debuffs. Once the shield goes down, your raid must dps him down to 75% health all the while avoiding the green AoE that appears from one of the surrounding pillars. At 75% another immunity shield goes up and the raid should move to the outer most edge of the three ringed platform grouped up on one person (a pre-marked range dps helps).

The boss will throw statues down at the floor causing the inner two rings to shatter. Their shattered pieces now serve as a series of stepping platforms that you must use to reach the next tier. As the hops to each successive step, they will take fall damage. Continue this platform hopping several times, stopping to heal up by ideally using AoE heals, until the next ground tier is reached.

The boss reappears and eventually will drop his shield. The fight from 50% to 30% is the same from above except a new ability called mind trap will be used and lightning balls instead of the green AoE will appear in this phase. The mind trap teleports random raid members into another room and will not return until the mind trap pillars are DPSed down. Additionally, in this phase a random member will be flung across the room and tossed to the ground; healers will need to heal this unfortunate member once they return to terra firma. As for the lightning, either the person who is targeted by the ball runs away from the lightning while trying not to kite them into the melee group, or run into the ball causing it to stop moving and after some time it will explode. DPS the boss to 30% for the next phase.

After 30% you enter the second platform hopping stage (see the third paragraph)

Now the raid is on the lowest floor and in the final phase. The strategy is the same from phase two, complete with mind traps and lightning balls. However, in this phase the bosses immunity bubble will not disappear, instead it must be popped by the orange upside down pyramid that will eventually appear spinning up above. To pop the bubble, the tank must position the boss under these pyramids and the group should stay out from under them to avoid AoE damage it inflicts upon impact. Once the bubble is down, dps should ignore the mind traps and instead focus dps on the boss, using cool downs, until the bubble shield returns. It will take about 4-6 shield pops before the boss dies.

In hard mode, the difficulty is in the lightning balls. To overcome this challenge, have the player who is targeted by the ball, run into the ball causing it to stop moving. This person will take some damage, about 4-5k, but it is preferable over having the ball wonder the map zapping players as they pass. After some time, the ball will eventually explode. So make sure before you run into the ball that it is away from the raid and tank.

Forces Unstoppable would like to thank you for reading this guide. Happy boss killing.

Updated: 2-24-12



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